JS Envy: Play with others

31 Jan , 2015  

Now that you know how to build an environment yourself it is time to dig into what makes JS Envy great: sharing. You can link the loaded libraries and even the statements you have evaluated to your environment and share it all via an ugly URL.

Link Libraries

Link Libraries

Click this button to toggle persisting libraries to the URL

Just hit the link button on the library panel and they will be persisted to the URL. Now if you hit refresh, or if you send it to a friend, the environment will load each of the libraries. This is also the one place where JS Envy cares about your dependencies: if you have multiple libraries they will be loaded in order, just in case that sort of thing is important to you.

Link Statements

Use the same button on the on-page console to persist statements to the URL too. Currently, JS Envy will capture the entire history of the on-page console.

Once you’ve built what you want just send the URL to all of your friends, they will be taken to an identical environment to do what they want with. I’m not totally sure what you might want to use this for but feel free to drop a comment with your incredibly interesting use case.

If you’re still not impressed, check out how to embed the JS Envy console on your website.

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