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18 Apr , 2014  

Sometimes I write code. Sometimes I write nonsense. A large part of my development time has been spent learning how to write more efficient code and more usable nonsense by following intelligent people, exploring new technologies, and spending countless hours experimenting and prototyping applications that will never see the light of day. I will share what I have found useful and hope that you find it useful as well, please share your thoughts or experiences to let me know how I’m doing.

I just lied to you, but I have my reasons. I said that I have written “applications that will never see the light of day”, which is exactly what I am trying to break away from. My goal is that every line of code I write I would be content writing during an interview or in a product heading to production. If I write something that seems unnecessary or inefficient I will spend whatever amount of time it takes to fix the underlying issue, learn a better way of using the technology, or comment it thoroughly to explain my reasoning at the least. Of course not every line of code I write is perfect, but with this goal in mind I will get closer.

My development energy has recently been focused on web applications, a passions that has be growing for a few years now but only recently took off. I have experimented with a wide variety of frameworks and have been overwhelmed by the extensive offerings that are expanding everyday. If you came here hoping to learn something I’ll just say javascript, if you know that much I’ll recommend TodoMVC as the tool for comparing javascript frameworks, and if you’re still not impressed then stay tuned for something more technical.

What you are likely to read here in the future is something far more technical. As you can tell by this point, I’m no poet. I am, on the other hand, someone who spends a great deal of time researching the best ways to do things and what cool new technologies can be used to do them. I am currently learning Ractive.js and exploring Backbone.js as an enterprise grade framework with a plan to jump back into Meteor in the very near future. Aside from javascript, RESTful APIs and Single Page Applications are also some of my favorite topics.

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